Pork is the meat from the carcass of a pig. It is one of the most commonly consumed meats worldwide, with evidence of pig cultivation dating back to 5000 BC. Pork is eaten in various forms, including cooked, cured or smoked or a combination of these methods (gammon and bacon). Both cooked and fresh sausages are also usually made from pork.

Pork is known as the other white meat and is actually a very lean type of meat to eat, with low levels of saturated fat. It is extremely versatile in the ways in which it can be cooked. Our main suppliers of pork are KZN based abattoirs Ambleside Farms and SALA, who bring in their produce every single day.


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From the neck there are a whole lot of different culinary uses. It has a wonderful amount of connective tissue and is delicious sliced into steaks and then slow roasted. It can be pickled and smoked where you would have Boston Butt, Kentucky Ham (netted) or sliced as neck bacon
Recommended Uses: Neck (1) Bacon- grilled or fried, (2) Boston Butt/Kentucky Ham – simmered and then glazed, (3) Steaks can be grilled in the oven or slow roasted in oven.

The Loin is characterised by a lean medallion of meat and a solid strip of fat on the outside. The loin can be sliced on the bone to get Pork Loin Chops, pickled and smoked to make Kassler Chops or deboned, pickled and smoked to make Back Bacon. It can also be rolled and Roasted in the oven to make a delicious Roast Loin of Pork.
Recommended Methods: (1) Grilled Pork Chops, (2) Grilled Kassler Chops, (3) Oven Roasted Rolled Pork, (4) Back Bacon – Grilled or Fried


The leg has many uses and is often pickled, smoked or used in manufacturing of hams. The shank can also be pickled and smoked. The leg is also great as a roast and with the skin still on this forms the crispy crackling everyone loves! Leg Gammons are also another use for this cut especially over the festive season.
Recommended Methods: (1) Roasted in oven as Pork Leg Roast, (2) Simmered and Glazed as Leg Gammon, (3) Shanks braised, roasted or simmered

The shoulder has many uses but one of its most important uses for it is in manufacturing of good quality processed products like sausages and frankfurters. Shoulder bacon can also be made as well as the whole shoulder being roasted, bone-in or deboned. It can also be Pickled and smoked as a Shoulder or Boneless Gammon.
Recommended Methods: (1) Grilled or Fried as Pork Sausages, (2) Roasted or Braised as a whole Shoulder, (3) Shoulder Bacon – Grilled or fried.

Ribs on the braai are most certainly one of the delicious things around. They can be bought smoked or marinated and are especially loved by the younger members of the family.
Recommended Methods: Marinated and grilled in the oven or on the braai

The belly is another versatile cut of the pig that has various functions and uses. It is deboned and the bone part leftover is used as Spare Ribs. The belly can both be rolled and roasted whole with the rind on so that it crisps up into crackling. It is also pickled and smoked to be sliced as Streaky Bacon. Another use is that it gets sliced on the bone as Pork Rashers.
Recommended Methods: (1) Rolled and Roasted as Roast Pork Belly, (2) Streaky Bacon- Grilled or fried, (3) Rashers on the Braai